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13 - 15 May 2023 / Le Carreau du Temple
The Roast Masters


Designed by the creators of Coffee Masters, Roast Masters is the cutting-edge tournament celebrating the best specialty roasters on the planet. 
This year, some of the worlds best specialty roasters will compete in teams in a fast-paced, head-to-head, knockout tournament.

Put through their paces by a panel of industry-leading judges in front of a crowd, this is the ultimate test of skills, know-how and commercial aptitude. This is a unique opportunity to excel in front of key industry players and an international audience. 

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This year, Roast Masters has officially upped its game with brand new disciplines! Did someone say... LIVE ROASTING? Throughout 4 rounds (qualifying rounds, quarter finals, semi finals and the final) teams will compete in 7 different disciplines.

​#1 The Cupping Table
>  On day 1 all competitors are given 90 minutes to create a roast profile of the same mystery single origin coffee
> The sample roasts from all competitors will then to be cupped on day 2 by the judges
> The discipline is scored on taste and flavour
> The teams who make it to the Final will present their roasted coffee from day 2 head-to-head on the cupping table
> The two finalist coffees are judged purely on taste and flavour

#2 The Espresso Smackdown
>  Competitors will bring three coffees: a light and a medium single origin and a blend
>  Head-to-head format, three rounds: light vs light, medium vs medium, blend vs blend
>  Best tasting coffees win each round 

#3 The Order Challenge
> Using their own coffees, competitors will make 10 drinks as listed on the presented order within a maximum time of 9 minutes
> The drinks prepared in this discipline are commonly found on specialty café menus
> Each drink will be scored according to wether it is passed or failed by the judges based on balance, extraction, mouthfeel and handling
> A 'passed' drink will be awarded 3 points. A 'failed' drink will be awarded 0 points

#4 The Latte Art Showdown
> Roll the dice, get assigned a shape
>  Pour and win (best of 3)!
>  Judged on appearance

#5 The Brew Face-Off
>  Roasters prepare a filter roast from their own portfolio
> Presented in 15 minutes
>  Judges to judge on taste, presentation and showmanship

#6 The Signature Drink
>  12 minutes to create a signature beverage
>  Mystery ingredients provided on the day
>  Judged on taste, creativity, professionalism, presentation and showmanship
#7 The Espresso Blend
>  Roasters are presented with a selection of mystery roasted single origin coffees
> They are tasked to create a bespoke espresso blend
> An espresso and cappuccino will be presented for evaluation




The Sample Roaster

Meet our first ever official live roasting partner, Stronghold, the South Korean innovators in electric roasting technology. Plug-n-Roast with Stronghold's S7 Pro, bringing unparalleled ease and performance to coffee roasting at RM 2023.

The equipment
La Marzocco
will equip the competition, with its latest machines!

The Water
This year again, Brita is the water partner of the Festival!

The Flavour
will be offering its new flavours for new recipes.

The Plant-based drinks
is the official supplier of plant-based drinks for the Paris Café Festival Roast Masters.



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