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9 - 11 March 2024 / Le Carreau du Temple
The Lab

Get into the nitty gritty details of the coffee industry with exciting sessions in The Lab, which have been hand-chosen for all baristas, café owners, hospitality professionals, entrepreneurs and straight up coffee fanatics

Throughout the Paris Café Festival, the Lab offers debates, practical workshops, tasting sessions and demonstrations that will enable visitors to improve their knowledge of coffee, whether they are amateurs or professionals, beginners or experienced baristas.

New consumption trends, mastering different extraction methods, trying out the Latte Art. Welcome to The Lab...



11.00 |  The history of a privileged coffee producing region: Panama
S.E. Madame Issamary Sánchez Ortega, Ambassadrice du Panama en France / Any Chen, Fondatrice, Panama Coffee Beans

12.00 |​  How mindful tasting impacts coffee – and our life
Freda Yuan, Director of Coffee, Origin Coffee Roasters / Noa Berger, PhD candidate, EHESS

1.00 |​ Sustainable food from sourcing to plate
Emmanuel Buschiazzo, Ambassadeur ALPRO et gérant la Claque café

2.00 |​  How to apply sustainable sourcing to the purchase of green coffee
Alice Juguet, Responsable Sourcing et RSE, Coutume / Laure d’Astorg, Directrice Générale, Alliance pour la Préservation des Forêts / Delphine Ayerbe, Responsable Projets Filière Agricole, GRET

3.00 |​  Diversifying your drink menu with coffee mixology and alternative drinks
Victor Delpierre, Champion du monde de CIGS 2013 / Nicolas Poirot-Crouvezier, Gérant, Nuova Distribution France 

4.00 |​  Experiences and challenges of running a coffee business in Ukraine
Viktor Shramenko, CEO and Owner, Fresh Black 


11.00  |​  A New Beginning: Coffee production as a driver of change for women in rural Rwanda.
Hannah Wakefield et Aïssatou Diallo, Traders de café, DRWakefield

12.00 | The coffee regions of today and tomorrow
Thibault Chauvin, Green Specialty Coffee Sourcer, Cuprima

1.00 |​  Home-made versus sourcing from artisans
Marine Sabonnadiere, Responsable Partenariats, La Main Noire / Frédéric Quan, Gérant, Nanana Coffee Shop / Marc Farran, Fondateur, Jus Pressé / Anselme Blayney, Co-fondateur, Ten Belles / Stéphane Bersia, Fondateur, Stéphane Bersia Pâtisserie

2.00 |​ Values in Specialty Coffee
Antoine Peron, Responsable Qualité et Développement, Esperanza Café / Emmanuel Buschiazzo, Gérant,  La Claque Café / Ingrid Kapfer, Torréfactrice et formatrice, Café Mokxa / Brice Robin, Barista et formateur, Champion de France SCA Barista 2023

3.00 |​  Coffee Quiz : Coffee lovers, come and test your basic knowledge and win a dream first prize in this easy, fun and interactive quiz.
Thomas Wyngaard, Fondateur OK Coffee, en collaboration avec Oatly

4.00 |​  Trends and essentials for opening a coffee shop
Massimo Santoro, MaxiCoffee, Responsable de la formation / Marie-Hélène Kennedy, Formatrice en création d’entreprise, Mon Petit Business


10.30 |​  The State of the European coffee shop market: Highlights from Project Café Europe 2023
Jeffrey Young, CEO & Founder, Allegra Group

11.00 |​  Water'nology: The taste & science of water
Sonie GERVAIS, Water Sommelier & Directrice Marketing B2B, BRITA

11.30 |​  The role of technology in specialty coffee roasting 
Dominika Piotrowska, Stronghold European Representative 

12.00 |​  Deciphering the EU regulation for zero deforestation products
Laure d’Astorg, Directrice Générale, Alliance pour la Préservation des Forêts

12.30 |​  How can a growing 100% B2C model have a positive impact on the entire value chain?
Yassir Raïs, CEO, Syra Coffee

1.00  |​  Stop obsessing over customer acquisition! Unlock the power of community through social-first thinking.
Koral Ibrahim, Founder & Managing Director, The Ready House

2.00 |​  How to make specialty coffee more relevant for our partners and end consumers?
Michele Cannone, Global AFH Marketing Director, Lavazza Group / Cristiano Portis, Origins Selection & Product Development Manager, Lavazza Group / Veda Viraswami, Coffee roaster at La Manufacture de Café

2.30 |​  How can artificial intelligence help the coffee industry?
Emmanuel Buschiazzo, Gérant, La Claque Café / Jérémie Vergne, Acheteur Café Vert, Torréfacteur et Qualité, Probat et Cropster / John Buckman, Co-fondateur, Decent Espresso Machines / Olivier Frey, Consultant Indépendant

3.15 |​ The future of transport by sail
Louis Mayaud, Responsable du transport à la voile, Belco

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