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Beginner’s Guide to V60

vendredi 8 février 2019

The V60 dripper is Hario’s iconic filter brewing device. Introduced in 2004, it’s a clean, simple way to make great coffee at home. Think of it as the Ferrari of coffee drippers.



Why use it?

Did we mention how easy it is? It makes great coffee at home for minimal effort. It also allows you to control the coffee brewing experience super precisely.
How do I use it?

Follow these steps for a delicious cup of coffee:

1. Grab your favourite mug, 15g of ground coffee beans, and 250ml of water.

2. Place the V60 on top of the mug and put the filter paper in (Tip: Soak the whole paper with hot water to reduce the papery taste.)

3. Fill the scoop (or tablespoon) to the top with ground coffee and place into the filter paper.




4. Boil your water and allow it to cool for a few minutes.

5. In one quick motion, pour enough hot water to soak all the coffee grounds, then wait for around 30 seconds.

6. Slowly pour over the remaining water over the coffee, making small circles.

7. Wait for it to drain, allowing the coffee to cool down a little. This should take around 2.5 minutes.

8. Drink up!



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